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I’m a huge animal advocate. In the interest of being totally transparent, in the body of this text, I am going to try and convince you to become a foster for the holiday season, and maybe even on a regular basis. If I do well with my convincing, by the time you reach the end of this message, YOU will be running to your nearest shelter or contacting your local rescue to become a foster parent!

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Top Reasons to Foster a Shelter Pet for the Holidays

It Gives the Animal a Break From the High Stress of the Shelter

Regardless of how hard shelters and shelter staff work to keep the animals happy and healthy, a shelter is an extremely scary and stressful place for an animal. Giving an animal someplace to decompress helps them find a little peace.

It Helps the Shelter Learn More About the Animal and How They Might Interact in a Home, Which in Turn Increases Their Adaptability

Most animals enter the shelter system with very little info. The shelter staff often cannot answer the simplest of questions like, “How does she/he ride in a car?” “Does she/he show signs of separation anxiety?” Are they housebroken; crate trained?” You get the idea. Staying in a foster home provides valuable information that helps shelter staff assist in making the perfect love connection.

It Helps a Pet Learn a Few Manners and Get Some Training to Help Them Become More Adoptable

Even a few weeks in a loving home learning basic commands and having a routine can significantly impact an animal's chance of being adopted.

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It Helps You Give Back

Most shelters and rescues provide you with everything needed to foster including food, medical care, crates, and toys. All you need to do is open your home and heart to an animal in need.

Shelters need Rescues; Rescues need Fosters; it’s that simple.

For more information on how you can foster for the Holidays, please contact San Diego Humane Society by clicking the link provided or contact ME with any questions you might have on the fundamentals and fun of fostering.

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